18 July 2009

The Clark Street Blog Saturday Quiz

Guess what business the above logo represents. Consider that the illustration shows mountains and forests, indicating an environmental aspect. Consider also that the company serves God and country. And finally, consider also that I wouldn't ask if there wasn't some degree of irony/humor involved.

A) Garbage dumpsters
B) Rifle spotting scopes
C) Land-clearing equipment
D) Mining technology



Mark said...

I'll admit that I cheated on the quiz but I found that the same number for the company is also for "Take Back Kentucky," home of quotes like "If you wonder why our country is heading to hell at windbreak speed then click this link and see what kind of trash we have running Congress and how they cover stuff up that doesn't meet their trashy agenda."

Their first story is outrage over a soldier who swallowed the Birther's garbage.

Irony chokes on itself and dies on their homepage.

WestEnder said...

That is hilarious, ridiculous, absurd and a little bit pathetic.