01 May 2009

POTD: Rothko's Door?


Mark said...

Rothko probably would have used more contrasting colors. . . and his work wouldn't be as functional as a door.

(That reminds me--Covington Jim really hated Rothko.)

WestEnder said...

I think Rothko did actually paint some black-on-white as part of his series on, well, whatever it was. I think Steve Martin might have one.

Mark said...

Yeah, I googled and came up with two black and white paintings right off the bat (although I couldn't tell a real Rothko from a fake).

I should have led off with a Duchamp being more functional but no homeowner would encourage that function.

Yeah, I'll keep working on 'em.

WestEnder said...

The only place a Duchamp staircase makes sense is on Lost.

k said...

did you know rothko's father was a pharmacist?

please refrain from the obvious comments about drugs and art.

i like rothko. i have a print of his number 5 that i've always liked because it reminds me of a sunset. probably not what he intended at all, but whatever.