29 May 2009

Thank You, Greenpeace, for Making Me Laugh

From the Pulse-Journal:

Ohio has emitted more global warming pollution from 1960 to 2005 than any one of 172 countries... According to Greenpeace, Ohio's emissions were greater than Mexico, Spain, Australia or South Africa and the Buckeye state's cumulative emissions were larger than that of the 104 least polluting countries combined.

Shorter: Regions of higher agricultural and industrial output produced more pollution than regions of lower agricultural and industrial output.

Brilliant. And keep in mind, they actually thought this was worth issuing a press release. Here are future Greenpeace reports I am anticipating:

Greenpeace: Sun hot, moon cold.
Global warming could lead to higher temperatures, says Greenpeace.
Shit happens, warns Greenpeace report.


Anonymous said...

In other news, it turns out Idaho grows more potatoes than Florida.

5chw4r7z said...

Youngstown Oh trivia, back in the day, the industrial day circa up to 1978 something like 90% of the heaviest industry in North America was within 250 miles of Youngstown.
So it kind of makes sense the mid-west is the worlds worst polluter.