23 May 2009

Gearing Up for the Taste

If you tap it, they will come.

I would like to sit in on the porta-potty negotiations when the different companies make their pitches, hoping to win this coveted contract. And then I would like to go out drinking with the porta-potty reps because you know people with that job are gonna be fun. Also, while taking this picture I noted a sweet aroma in the air and realized that the potties are perfumed! I predict that aroma will disappear around 1pm.

The Hamilton County GOP booth.

I boldly predict more people will show up.

That will be me in 30 years, holding hands with my sweetheart and remembering how we used to stuff our fat faces back in the days when gas was cheap and Presidents were white.

This is an electrical schematic. It takes a lot of time & work to hook up all those booths.

With all that work, you need a break sometimes.

Not if you put away all 40 ounces it doesn't.

Have fun, people!


Paul Wallpe said...

I feel I must assert my freedom to comment on an important public issue that The Taste Of Cincinnati has thrust into the vortex of public comment. I assume you already know that if The Taste Of Cincinnati's fans are frightened that The Taste Of Cincinnati might insist that our society be infested with opportunism, wowserism, defeatism, and an impressive swarm of other "isms" by the end of the decade, they have only themselves to blame, but I have something more important to tell you. When a mistake is made, the smart thing to do is to admit it and reverse course. That takes real courage. The way that The Taste Of Cincinnati stubbornly refuses to own up to its mistakes serves only to convince me that there is a format it should follow for its next literary endeavor. It involves a topic sentence and supporting facts.

I know the following is a cheap shot, but sensationalism is The Taste Of Cincinnati's main weapon and its chief means of convincing its partisans to separate people from their roots and cut their bonds to their natural communities. To say anything else would be a lie. If The Taste Of Cincinnati could have one wish, it'd wish for the ability to elevate dangerous cadgers to the sublime. Then, people the world over would be too terrified to acknowledge that the unilateralism "debate" is not a debate. It is a harangue, a politically motivated, brilliantly publicized, biggety attack on progressive ideas. Do not let inflammatory rhetoric and misleading and inaccurate statements decide your position on this issue.

The Taste Of Cincinnati's intent is to prevent us from asking questions. It doesn't want the details checked. It doesn't want anyone looking for any facts other than the official facts it presents to us. I wonder if this is because most of its "facts" are false. It is hardly surprising that The Taste Of Cincinnati wants to diminish our will to live. After all, this is the same predaceous, cold-blooded obstreperous-type whose delusional prattle informed us that it has the authority to issue licenses for practicing stoicism. The Taste Of Cincinnati likes to compare its remonstrations to those that shaped this nation. The comparison, however, doesn't hold up beyond some uselessly broad, superficial similarities that are so vague and pointless, it's not even worth summarizing them. Let us now do what comes naturally because in that is our only hope for the future.

Loki said...

"When presidents were white," really? I honestly hope that is just a poor choice of humor and not the racist comment it seems to be.