21 May 2009

Two Segways and a Burrito

Had a plan to get lunch at Javier's the other day. While waiting for my compadre (or would it be commadre?), I couldn't help but notice two gentlemen on segways going up and down the street. This was interesting enough for me to snap a few shots, but the "rest of the story" is better yet.

Turns out the segway company is loaning these two segways to the Fringe Festival staff to use during the week so they were out there getting the hang of it. It's a win-win: the segways get publicity and the staff gets to where it needs to be on time and with a bit of flair. I'm not sure if there are openings for official Fringe staff, but there ARE spots available for volunteers and it can all be done via the website.

At Javier's I had the "surf & turf" burrito of the day which had rice, andouille sausage, potatoes, sweet potatoes, chicken and shrimp. Yup, all that stuff crammed into a big, fat burrito. My companion had the chicken taco. We both agreed that the food was good but could have used more flavor and/or spice. Neither dish had much personality. This could have probably been ameliorated to some extend by addition of sauces on the table but our hunger and excited conversation precluded such action.

I would try it again but next time I'll spice it up.

Javier was there (of course) and stopped by our table to say hello and tell us about the weekend music & salsa parties. He's a good hombre and I'm always happy to support his business.


CityKin said...

Javier is a good man.

Wes said...

That looks mighty tasty.


liz said...

my favorite thing to eat at javier's is a chicken quesadilla with a shit load of chipotle hot sauce