07 May 2009

Factoid of the Day

Today's date is 5/7/09 which is unique because it is 3 consecutive odd numbers. As WKRC reported this morning, this happened only 6 times in the previous century.

But if you think about it (and you won't, so I'll just tell you), this is not really an amazing numerical coincidence because it happens 6 times every century. It has to. There are 12 months and 6 of them are odd. Every odd month has its consecutive odd numbers day. When the century flips over it starts again.

In fact, using expensive and sophisticated computer software, I have been able to determine that the next consecutive odd number day will be July 9, 2011. Start planning now.

So the good news for local news media is that they can fill up 30 seconds of air time 6 times every hundred years. Unfortunately, that still leaves 10,767,750 minutes for murders, tasings, car chases and celebrity gossip.


Allison Johnson said...

hard-hitting local news coverage informed me that john and kate (of john and kate plus 8) might be getting a divorce. local news? what?

Kate The Great said...

Aww... Local news. Give 'em a break. There's not enough content (crazy, "shoot-em up" style, anyway) to fill their news holes... and they don't do hard hitting a-la BBC type pieces because test groups and consultants tell them viewers don't want that in depth "crap."

I'm just telling you what I've been able to glean from the inside... (and therein lies a reason why I'm not on the inside anymore...)

John and Kate? That's huge news. Top Story. Breaking news cut-in variety ;)

WestEnder said...

I have no idea who John & Kate are, and I am more proud than embarrassed about that.

liz said...

i saw in the national enquirer that jon was cheating on kate

Anonymous said...

"0" is an odd number?