22 March 2009

This Week in Questionable Advertising

WHAT THIS IS: an ad promising an in-depth travel experience rather than the perfunctory superficiality of run-of-the-mill tourism.

WHY THIS IS QUESTIONABLE: the ad is for Disney Travels.

WHAT THIS IS: a fashion ad.

WHY THIS IS QUESTIONABLE: where do I start? For one thing, the necklace is the most expensive item on the boy. For another, THEY PUT A FUCKING NECKLACE ON THE BOY. Furthermore, this ad screams "Wanted: Art Director for national magazine, Long Island JAP stereotypes encouraged to apply."

This is as much a case for Children's Services as it is a fashion ad. Here is what the fine print says it would cost to clothe these children innocent victims for less than a year in this recession:

Girl's outfit:

"Collared raincoat" (yes, they pointed out the rare "collar" feature): 360
Cashmere sweater: 179
Mixed beads necklace: 90
Bison rain boots: 62
Jeans & Brooch: 32
TOTAL: 723

Boy's outfit:

Jacket: 47
Jeans: 50
"Bohemia" necklace: 165
Rain boots: 64
TOTAL: 326

WHAT THIS IS: an ad promoting pertussis vaccination (which, for the record, is the right thing to do).

WHY THIS IS QUESTIONABLE: for one thing, the ad compares nine months of pregnancy and hours of labor pains to a half-second vaccine prick. For another, the ad was paid for by Sanofi Pasteur, the world's largest vaccine maker.


Mark said...

As crazy as it might sound, my wife had an easier time with labor than getting the kids shots. Might have been the drugs, might have been the fact that they tend to vomit after the needle.

And I own stock in Disney but good Lord!

Kate The Great said...

My friend, I love this post, but the whole time I'm wondering what kind of crazy ass magazines you subscribe to!

WestEnder said...

Haha... you notice I made a point of omitting that part!

Details to come in-person.