23 March 2009

Things Observed Downtown

Yes, that is a syringe (with needle, apparently)

Yes, that is a pumpkin

Yes, that is a crazy van


Anonymous said...

Where was the needle/syringe? Would expect that at 12th and Main since that's where "the homeless who need heroin so we'll wait here for the delivery guy" spot is

WestEnder said...

Syringe: just off Main St. between 6th & 7th.

k said...

what is that in the background of the syringe pic? a used condom?

i think the pumpkin mystifies me the most.

WestEnder said...

Oh, yes, a condom would have been perfect. I think it was just a crushed soda can. But I heard that's what they used to use in the old days. People were tough back then.

I agree, the pumpkin just doesn't make sense.