21 March 2009

The One Where Ross & Rachel Think About Art

Life is a journey. We learn things along the way. One important lesson is to try not to make yourself look like a total jackass when it is easily avoidable.

Take this photo, for example:

This photo, which I saw a while back at the Weston Art Gallery, is from Deitrich Wagner's series Cumulus Brand.

There is a comment book in the Weston and when I flipped through it, I read dozens of critical comments along the lines of "How could you do this to your own son?" and "This is child abuse!"

About 10 feet from the comment book and RIGHT NEXT TO THE PHOTO ITSELF was the artists statement which included this sentence:

Sebastian, who is the subject of both photographs and the artist's newly-born son, is seemingly "tatooed" with a series of corporate logos (accomplished digitally through the use of Photoshop software) suggesting that we are targeted as consumers upon entering this world.

Don't be a jackass. Read the artist's statement before you unwittingly allow yourself to be defined by Mark Twain's famous line, "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."


liz said...

hahaha, wow. this is a breed of jackass that i didn't even know existed. i propose that this blog start a regular series on different kinds of jackasses, along with tips on how to deal with them if we encounter them in the wild.

WestEnder said...

If I understand you correctly-- and I think I do-- what you are suggesting is the recrudescence (yes, I said it) of the Asshat Awards.

I've been thinking about it myself for some time. It should be done. For the children.

liz said...

oooh, the asshat awards? 100% of blog readers polled demand this!