13 March 2009

Kampai to Sake Bomb!

Had my first Sake Bomb (3672 Erie Ave) dining experience last night. There were ten of us so I can't speak for everyone but I believe the general consensus is: great food, great service, cool atmosphere.

The only disappointment was the miso soup (except for Liz who was disappointed with everything except the chopsticks). The three of us who ordered the soup found it... well, I wouldn't say bad, but it was different enough from the usual delicious miso flavor we were used to that it turned into a disappointment. I would still consider ordering it again because it's possible it was a fluke that it was bad that day. It's also possible that they make it differently from what we are used to and therefore it didn't get a fair shake. I still think I wouldn't like it but I can't discount the possibility.

After the soup I ordered the Yum Yum roll because the spicy crab (I first typed "crap") and cucumber combination seemed like it would work. It did, and get this: the menu said "spicy" and it was actually spicy (an opinion which was unambiguously seconded by a fellow diner's perspiration attack). Finally, a place that does it right. I am most pleased.

After the Yum Yum I ordered fairly conventional sushi: fatty tuna, crab stick, smelt roe and eel. They were delicious.

And after that we received a dessert platter that we put away quickly and happily. Some items: fried cheesecake, fried bananas (w/ chocolate sauce), green tea ice cream. There were others, maybe they can be identified from 5chw4r7z's photos.

Like I said, great food, great service, cool atmosphere. I would definitely go back.

Yum Yum Roll

Fatty Tuna + Phatty Martinis

Also Yum Yum: Dessert Platter


Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to thank you again for your Sake-licous hospitality.

I also have to think the miso soup was a fluke. The problem I had was that it tasted more "fishy" than anything else.

But it was great company. Thanks so much for setting it up and inviting me!

k said...

ditto to jeff's comments. although i am less forgiving of the miso soup.

thanks again!

WestEnder said...

Glad you could make it. I don't think any of us had been there before and it's always fun to try a new place with a friendly group. Another notch in the belt, restaurant-wise.

liz said...

thanks for organizing and please do not hold my penny pinching ways and poor math skills against me. i will show up for any and all future events because i have no life, i mean because this was just so much fun.

liberal foodie said...

I vote for dancing wasabi with a hint of advanced notice for a future get together. ;)

Dancing Wasabi, Aqua and Beluga all have half off nights during the week. Two of the mentioned places have great sushi and I am happy to try Aqua with other sushi lovers.