15 November 2007

World O' Crap

Ironically enough, it was this Foodie Report post that sent me clicking around, eventually landing at the site of the World Toilet Summit which was just held in New Delhi.

Among the goals decided at the international crap conference:

India aims to eradicate open-air defecation by 2012 by building toilets for hundreds of millions of its poor and homeless, well ahead of a global deadline to do so, a government minister said.

An estimated 2.6 billion people, or about one-third of global population, do not have access to a proper toilet, according to the WHO.

More than half that number live in India or China, with India accounting for about 700 million people...

I've visited both those countries and have witnessed the problem. Now that I think about it, I've also seen it on a side street near Findlay Market and on N. Sheridan Ave. in Chicago. But not quite 700 million times.

While reading about the poop problem, I came across the "WTO" acronym a few times. Good to see them helping out the little guy, I thought. But it's not the World Trade Organization... it's the World Toilet Organization.

Two WTOs and they both pursue crappy projects. Go figure.

Visit the site. Click on 'toilet entertainment' and take the "what kind of toilet paper are you?" quiz. Or take the bathroom chemistry quiz. Or play 'Catch a Shit'. Or read about the World Toilet College.

Let me take a moment to thank everyone for having nothing better to do than read this blog. Since this blog is a piece of shit I thought this was a good subject for a post.

I wish all of you a very happy World Toilet Day (Monday, Nov. 19).


Anonymous said...

I guess I could have better things to do but this is one of the few blogs I like. I don't know if one goofball's opinion matters much but I can think of a few million blogs that I'd call pieces of shit before this.

(Keeping a brown-nose theme going, I guess!)

WestEnder said...

Well it's good to know someone out there has impeachable taste. Impeccable, I mean.