04 November 2007

Colts vs. Patriots: Final Thoughts

It was a great game. I'm glad that it's over, though. There's only so much anticipation, prediction, and pre-game analysis one can take in the course of a week. The completion of the game marks the halfway point in the Colts-Patriots-Manning-Brady inundation of the sports airwaves. This week will be filled with post-game analysis. Once it's over, I can start watching ESPN again.

I think the Colts made two key flubs that sealed their fate. The first was in the late 3rd or early 4th when they had third-and-2 and went for a long pass instead of a run. I didn't understand that. A run or short pass would have been more sensible options. Furthermore, Addai was excelling in both those areas. The long pass failed and the Patriots got possession.

The second flub came halfway through the 4th quarter when the Colts were trying to run the ball and eat up the clock. They got 2 consecutive penalties that gave them third and long. They couldn't do it, and gave the Patriots possession at midfield with just under 4 minutes left.

Everybody knows you don't give Tom Brady a chance at a game-winning drive, because he will make you pay, and that's exactly what he did.

But it was a good game, perhaps the only competitive game the Patriots will play all year.

It was disappointing to see that Bill Belichick is still a fat, fucking weenie. What the hell is wrong with that guy? What a petulant little snot-faced brat. I can't believe a guy who can't even act like a grownup has three Super Bowl rings. Ridiculous.

In other football news, I am revising my previous forecast of the Bengals postseason chances from 50-50 to zero-zero.


ohdave said...

Totally agree with you, on Belicheck and the Bengals.

It amazes me how the entire league and press corps seems to have forgotten that Belichek was JUST NAILED FOR CHEATING. Is there any reason to believe that the Pats are still not up to something? I can't believe how little his cheating has been discussed since it happened.

5chw4r7z said...

I'll be ahppy if the Bengals win 2 more games but I don't think its going to happen.
As for the Pats and cheating, have you guys seen some of the sick passes that Moss is pulling down? Hard to chalk that up to cheating, with Brady and Moss there's really no reason to cheat.

WestEnder said...

I was also surprised by the media's general nonchalance about the cheating issue and the "well, it didn't effect the game outcome so it's not important" excuse.

If I steal a car but then it breaks down, am I innocent?

To be fair, the reactions of the NFL and the media were different-- Belichick got a huge fine and the Pats lost draft picks, so they'll pay the price.

But my reaction when I first heard about this was similar to 5chw4r7z... why would the most complete and talented team ever try to cheat?

Maybe it's because Belichick is half genius, half dickhead.

ohdave said...

If they weren't getting an advantage from it, why would they do it?

I don't disagree about Moss though. The guy is sick.

katie g. said...

you know, i don't like cheaters. But i do like Tom Brady. And I do like the total ass-kicking job the Patriots continue to do.

Belichek - love him cause the Patriots win, but would hate him if he were anywhere else.