08 November 2007

Two Things You Didn't Know About Ron Jeremy

1) Ron Jeremy (yes, THAT Ron Jeremy) has a master's degree in special education.

2) Ron Jeremy was at BGSU last night for a debate:

Last night in the Union, a debate raged -- the horny vs. the holy, the seedy vs. the sacred, the pervert vs. the preacher. Porn star Ron Jeremy, who has appeared in nearly 9,000 adult videos, and Chris Gross, an anti-porn advocate, argued over the effects of the pornography industry on society.


Anonymous said...

They've been traveling around the country doing this debate. I think they were at UC this past April.

Apparently Jeremy can handle his own . . . when it comes to debates, that is. One might even say he is a master debater.

OK, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone suggested that Ron Jeremy send in his resume to teach special education? I wonder how far in the process he'd get.

WestEnder said...

Well, there's no legal reason to deny him, even with the new bill that Strickland is about to sign. It allows the state to revoke teaching licenses, but only if convicted. So as long as Jeremy hasn't committed a sex crime, he should be legally employable in Ohio.

I'm sure he'd be a very good teacher. He certainly has a big... uh, heart. Special ed and all.