28 August 2007

U.S. Open Men's Draw Analysis

Looking at the brackets, there is distinct possibility of some surprises at this year's Open.

Federer will run into trouble early when he meets John Isner in the 3rd round. Isner won the NCAA college championship at Georgia. He's a 6'9'' and hits aces pretty much every time. His 1st round victim, Jarko Niemenen, said Isner had the best serve he's ever seen.

I'm not a fan of players that win with cheap points, but the fact is that Isner could give Federer plenty of trouble. On the other hand, Federer beat Sampras, Philippoussis, and Roddick on grass so I guess if anyone can handle it, it's Federer. This should be one to watch. Mind you, it could be painful.

If Federer makes it past Isner, he'll meet Roddick in the QF. I presume he'll make sausage out of him as usual. In the SF he'll face either Blake or Davydenko. Blake has had a strong summer, but sometimes he's off his game whereas Davydenko is more consistent. I'm picking a Blake-Federer SF with Federer prevailing.

In the other half of the draw, the match to watch will likely be this weekend between Djokovic and Hewitt in the 3rd round. If this match isn't great, I'll be pissed. I'm picking Djokovic to win this and go all the way to the final, beating Youzhny and Nadal on the way. If Nadal goes out early, it will be to Tipsarevic in the 2nd or Tursunov in the 3rd. But I think he'll grind it to the semis.

The champion? A couple of weeks ago I picked Djokovic. I'll stick with that, but I'm less sure now that Federer seems to be his old self again.


KatieG said...

wow. picking AGAINST federer? Blake will choke, always does...

WestEnder said...

The best thing for Federer is for me to pick against him. I picked Roddick in last year's Wimbledon and Open which Federer won. I picked Nadal in this year's Wimbledon which Federer won (barely).

The only time I picked Federer was in the French, which he lost.

I wish Blake would come through in a big match, too. I think he meets Roddick in the QF so that's his chance this year.