17 August 2007

The Cincinnati Masters Report

What is going on at the Cincy Masters?

Novak Djokovic beats Federer in Montreal but loses here in the first round. Rafael Nadal, about as close to a machine as a human can get, gets heat exhaustion and retires in the first round. Andy Roddick fucks it up again and loses to a guy I've never even heard of. Roger Federer plays like crap but barely manages to beat Marcos Baghdatis, who plays even crappier.

Ah, yes, 100 degree tennis. Glad I gave up my ticket for today.

Thank you, James Blake, for giving us at least one match worth watching. And good luck against Sam Querrey (He'll need it... they played a few weeks ago and Querrey won, 7-6,6-7,7-6. At one point he served 10 aces in a row).

I don't know what's going on with Federer. The last time I saw him play well, it was 20 degrees outside. I can assure you that he'll be in big trouble at the U.S. Open, where his current "hanging in there" style will not get him a trophy.

Based on what I've seen this year, I'd pick Novak Djokovic for the U.S. Open title. And I think Lleyton Hewitt might surprise some people, too.

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