07 August 2007

Hormones vs. Homework

Sorry for the inconsistent postings recently. I have been hard at work on my new novel Deaf, Dumb, and Delicious about a time-machine accident in which Helen Keller's teacher Annie Sullivan swaps places with 1990s porn star Jenna Jameson.

I did come across a couple of interesting items (previous post and this one). From the Chronicle of Higher Education (Aug. 3) comes this interesting survey about sex and education (data is from the 1999-2002 National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey):

Percent of Americans 20 and older who have ever had sex, by education level:

All adults 95.9
Less than high school 91.8
High school 96.3
Beyond high school 97.0

Percent of Americans who were less than 15 yrs. old the first time they had sex:

All adults 15.6
Less than high school 27.2
High school 19.4
Beyond high school 10.4

Percent of Americans older than 21 the first time they had sex:

All adults 14.7
Less than high school 8.0
High school 8.6
Beyond high school 19.3


ohdave said...

Best. Blogging. Excuse. Ever.

Kevin LeMaster said...

I would definitely pay good money to see that movie.

Louis said...

That's a true story.