29 August 2007

Huckabee and Brownback on Cancer

Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation held a Presidential debate on Monday. Of the Democrats, only Clinton, Edwards, Richardson, and Kucinich came. Only Brownback and Huckabee came from the Republican side.

This is the only debate I can recall not put on by the corporate media. It's worth noting for that alone. Since it discussed issues that would never show up in the typical debates, I thought it was worth posting some of what was said. I have to say that as I searched for articles, I discovered two things: First, the event seems not to have been covered very widely. Second, the only two articles I found were at TheHill.com and the Des Moines Register, and both discussed only the Republicans' comments.

Since that's all I found, here's what Brownback and Huckabee said:

Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.) and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, promised to rejuvenate a “war on cancer” as president, but disagreed over the need for a federal ban on smoking in public places.

Brownback restated his campaign pledge to end cancer deaths within 10 years through a "substantial increase" in federal money for research - as much as triple the current $6 billion - and likened his plan to President Kennedy's promise to reach the moon.

Huckabee committed to signing a nationwide smoking ban in public places, should such a measure win approval in Congress. Brownback said he would let states and local communities continue to control anti-smoking efforts.

[Huckabee] added that he would put more emphasis on preventing chronic illnesses, including cancer. The primary policy goal should be “universal health,” not necessarily universal healthcare coverage, he said.

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