01 March 2007

Xenia Woman Celebrates 108th Birthday

People born in 1899:

Al Capone
Duke Ellington
Vladimir Nabokov
Ernest Hemingway
Humphrey Bogart
Jose Luis Borges

...and Sarah McClelland. But unlike the others, Ms. McClelland is still around...

From the Xenia Gazette:

So what's her secret to a long and healthy life? "I always tell 'em hard work," said McClelland, who was born into a farming family and farmed with her husband. "I would always drive a team of horses and milk the cows first thing in the morning."

McClelland has also kept a young outlook by traveling and trying new things. She's visited 40 states, including Hawaii twice, and rode a mule into the Grand Canyon at 78. And she still has a taste for country cooking. She didn't hesitate for a second when asked what her favorite food was. "Oh, fried chicken!" said McClelland with a smile.


Anonymous said...

Remember the scene from Sleeper when the future scientists tell Woody Allen that the healthiest things for the human body are red meat and tobbaco?

Now we know it to be fried chicken..

WestEnder said...

Remember the orgasmatron?