27 March 2007

Strange Animal Behavior in Cincinnati

Bizarre animal antics puzzle Clark St. Blog:

WKRC reports that a deer jumped through a Kroger store window for no apparent reason.

That reminded me of the cardinal outside my window. For several weeks now, a cardinal in my neighborhood has exhibited bizarre behavior. This cardinal perches on a branch about 20 cm from my kitchen window and then flies right into the window. It falls down to the ledge, looks around, and then does the whole thing over. It will repeat this action up to a dozen times. As far as I can tell, it does this several times during the day. Sometimes another cardinal or chickadee will sit on the branch and watch.

Anyone know anything about animals developing an inclination to go through windows?


Anonymous said...

I think that your cardinal is fighting with his reflection in the mistaken idea it is a rival male.

WestEnder said...

That was my first conclusion but then I realized it was a female cardinal.

I still think that's what it's doing... it probably has a nest nearby and that's why it's always around my window, trying to protect its territory. Either that or it just goes around the neighborhood flying into windows for no reason.

Or maybe it came here from Mexico just to mess up life in my once decent neighborhood.

Mark said...

About a year and a half ago, a deer jumped through the plate glass window in one of my cousin's house.