24 March 2007

Blogging Update: Quasi-hiatus

Haven't had time for much posting lately... it will probably continue like this for a another month or two.

Once I have time I plan to redo the blog. I have a big idea in the back of my head, but I don't think I'll have time for it. I'll probably just end up changing the look and feel, hoping to eke out more quality than quantity. I still plan on focusing mostly on local affairs, but I'd like to add some photos and be a little more creative in the writing. We'll see what happens. It all depends on how much I can distract myself from the meaninglessness of existence to pursue meaningless activities like blogging.

Feel free to drop off any suggestions in the comments (light background or dark background, for example)

Meantime, here's a story:

My parents just returned from Australia & New Zealand. My dad's film camera doesn't work, so my uncle (dad's brother) got him a digicam as an early B-day gift so he could take it on the trip.

They enjoyed the trip and the camera worked fine. He took about 200 shots.

But when the trip was all over and they were walking through LAX, my dad's luggage trolley slipped off an outdoor sidewalk and got sideswiped by a car. Fortunately, only one corner of his shoulder bag got hit. Unfortunately, that's where the camera was.

The camera, sadly, appears to be D.O.A. He felt terrible because he just got it as a gift and now it's dead. But at least we saved the pics on the card.


Anonymous said...

I like photos in blogs but I think most people ignore videos. (The pictures of Australia and New Zealand would be good.)

Was this a vacation or does your family have roots there?

TravisG said...

Yeah, I never, ever click video links. My Internet connection is slow at home and I can't do it at work.

It's good to take a battery break sometimes. This is much harder than it looks.

WestEnder said...

The trip was pure vacation. My folks have been talking about it for years so I'm glad they finally went. Like everyone else I know, they raved about NZ.

I'm surprised to hear mild interest in video; I would have expected the opposite (glad I asked). But the videos I'm thinking of would be interesting things that happen around here, like the Riverfront Stadium implosion or video of a protest rally (I like to read the various signs). Or maybe even the woodpecker I filmed pecking away at a tree. You know, fun stuff like that.

Does that make it any more interesting?