29 March 2007

Neo-Nazis Heckle Xavier Speaker

Their kampf...

On Sunday, March 18, a group of protesting Neo-Nazis proceeded to interrupt Deborah Lipstadt, an internationally recognized Holocaust scholar, who was speaking to a group of students and community members about “The New Global Anti-Semitism.”

The interruptions began with a single man questioning Lipstadt from the back of the conference room. According to audience members, he commented that Jews deserved to be discriminated against.

Dr. Cueva then followed the man into the hall and saw him place a phone call. Shortly afterward, a bigger group of Neo-Nazis, wearing T-shirts marked with swastikas, entered the lecture.


Anonymous said...

You'd think that their presence would only give more importance and attention to Lipstadt. Then again thinking isn't exactly their strength.

WestEnder said...

That's basically what one of the students said, in fact:

...but then I realized, after someone in my class pointed it out, that she capitalized on everyone’s fear of the situation.

ohdave said...

I posted this too. This is an important story. She showed a great deal of dignity in dealing with this.