07 June 2009

Virgil's Cafe: Great Food at a Great Price

I took a tip from Food Hussy and checked out Virgil's Cafe (FYI, the site plays music in the background) for lunch a few weeks ago. Since then I have been back two more times, both for lunch. Let me say at the outset that I love this place. The recap:

Lunch the First
I started with the potato & mushroom soup, which was the special. Creamy (but not overly so) and delicious. Then I got the other special for my meal which was the mac & cheese. Yes, a whole plate of mac & cheese for lunch. It was a fat-filled plate of cheesy, creamy goodness with a few vegetables thrown in (as if anyone would care). It was stupendous. If this mac & cheese was a person, you would take it with you to a cabin you rented for the weekend and massage it from head to toe with your lips and tongue before making sweet love to it all day and night. This is not mac & cheese, this is booty on a plate.

Lunch the Second
I again started with a soup, this time the sweet potato & corn chowder which was the day's special. It was absolutely delectable but I did wish it was slightly less sweet. I should say, however, that my palate hits the sweetness redline before most others. If you like Graeter's and Agalamesis but wish they were 10% less sweet then you are like me. If that is not what you think then you'll be taking this soup to the cabin with you.

Thankfully, Virgil's did not have a mac & cheese special so I opted for the less salacious and more sensible ham & swiss sandwich, which was delicious. Great bread, great ham, gooey melted swiss and HOMEMADE potato chips. If you're gonna do something simple you may as well do it right, and they did.

Lunch the Third
Once again I started with soup and once again it was delicious. This time I ordered soup off the regular menu, the tomato shrimp bisque. It is the favorite of our server, Ben, who is a good guy. You won't see him until August, though, because he'll be hiking a section of the Appalachian Trail.

The crostino, as you can see, was perfect which indicates attention to detail. Martha says that's a good thing.

For the entree I ordered the pastrami reuben which was good but nothing special. A reuben is not a complicated sandwich and the only way for it to vault over the high bar is to have a lot of dressing which was not the case with Virgil's reuben. I still like mine the best.

Virgil's uses quality ingredients, prepares them well and offers it all for a great price in a nicely designed space. Anyone who doesn't like Virgil's is on meth.

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liz said...

i am both fascinated and frightened by the mental image of what you are planning to do to your "booty on a plate."

on a totally unrelated note, you may need to get out more.

WestEnder said...

Must you hurl barbs upon me? Isn't it enough that you keep posting my Craigslist ads on your blog?

liz said...

i'm calling victoria's secret and warning them about you.

Kate The Great said...

Pipe down, you two. These pictures are making me hungry...