25 June 2009

Twittersphere on Gov. Sanford

From MediaChannel.org here are some funny tweets about Gov. Sanford:

pourmecoffee: “I don’t think it’s good that a main takeaway of Sanford’s press conference is how really awesome his mistress is.”

Bagyants: “Sanford turned down one stimulus, accepted another. Flip flopper!“

TeresaKopec: “So instead of walking the trail, he was chasing some tail.“

pandagon: “The next Republican to have an affair will have to outdo Sanford. I predict a tryst ON THE MOON.“

GregMitch: “One day after Obama’s “gotcha” press conf we got Sanford’s “gaucho” press conf.”

JayRodriguez: “Oh my God - The Gov. Sanford story was SOOOOOOOO much better than I thought it’d be. I was expecting a pain killer addiction, tops.”

Spinelli666: “At least Sanford proves that not all #gop members hate all foreigners“

waitwait: “Anyone else feel let down when Sanford finally used the pronoun “she” to describe affair partner? me: *raises hand*”

maxsparber: “None of us are in a position to judge Sanford until we too have had sex with a woman in Argentina. Now who is up for a road trip?”

alanpdx: “The reason the #gop is so upset with #sanford is that he outsourced his hookers to a South American country.“

David_in_Austin: “Sanford outsourcing affair. What a slap to the face of American homewreckers”

flywithelphaba: “Ah-ha! Not surprised at missing SC gov’s escapades. Note to Sanford: South America is NOT a good place to hide! Remember Mengele?”

johnmoe: “I was most surprised when Sanford apologized for calling his son Lamont a “dummy” all those years.“

My picks for winner and honorable mention:


michaeljhix: “Revelations of Sanford’s South American love fling brings new meaning to S.C. first lady’s comment this week: “He does this sometimes.”


QueerCincinnati.com said...

HA! I love this!!!!

Kate The Great said...

If you were on twitter, you'd have had the pleasure of reading all of these comments first hand ;)