30 June 2009

Biagio's Bistro: Best Chicken Salad

I have promulgated my sandwich theory before which is this: a sandwich is a simple concoction and so really the only difference between a good and bad sandwich is quality and freshness of the ingredients.

I don't know what makes the chicken salad sandwich at Biagio's Bistro so good but I like it better than any other. I would ask Biagio but he's out this week. Maybe he uses pastured chickens, maybe he makes his own mayo, maybe it's just the grapes. I don't know, but whatever it is, it works.

The sandwich is pricey at $8 but it does come with a good side (pasta salad, caesar salad or soup) and a basket of bread and butter (yes, the butter is soft). Service is always attentive and friendly and the place has a friendly, relaxed vibe in general.

It would be a serious omission not to mention the desserts. There are many options on display and you will pass them on the way to your table. If you are on a diet I advise that you do not even look at them. Story: the first time I went to Biagio's it was for dinner and when the server came to list the dessert options, we told him to just cut to the chase and tell us what had chocolate and raspberry. To our delight they had FOUR options. I've loved the place ever since.

While I am only writing about the chicken salad sandwich (because lately I've only gone for lunch), I should mention that I've had pasta dinners in the past and they've been great. This place is an under-the-radar gem.

Biagio's Bistro is on Ludlow Ave. across from Arlin's Bar and the IGA. It is closed on Sunday.

The overview.

Pasta salad: tomatoes, black olives, green olives, red onion (yes!), oregano, parmesanesque cheese (but it's good) and olive oil.

Chicken salad with celery and grapes.

I like the window seat.

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k said...

i haven't been there in forever, and i really should go back. i love good chicken salad (which is strange, cause i hate mayo). my current favorite is bronte at joseph-beth, but biagio's is looking pretty yummy. great photos, by the way

Wes said...

I only went to Biagio's a few times, but every time was first-rate. Now I miss it.


liz said...

i have always wondered about this place but have never tried it. i will have to check it out sometime. that chicken salad looks damn good.

also, it's really time to give up the pretense that you are anything other than a food blogger.

WestEnder said...

I am a bad blogger who likes to eat and take pictures, that is all.

Norm De Plume said...

Although I've never tried it, the inclusion of celery automatically knocks it out of contention for a spot on my best chicken salad list.

WestEnder said...

^ For me, it's the same thing with cashews. I wouldn't even try it.

CityKin said...

you all are too picky. Put it all in mine.