21 October 2008

Seen this Week Around Town

Stickers/signs seen on cars:


That was Zen... this is Tao

Jan. 20, 2009: End of an Error


liz said...

i heard on the radio that there are "pit bulls for palin" stickers.

WestEnder said...

Just the excuse I'm looking for to buy a few pit bulls!

(related: I met a guy who had two Presa Canario dogs, a breed that I never heard of before. I asked him to spell it. Anyway, imagine breeding pit bulls with rotweilers until they got big, and then you bred the big pit/rot with another rotweiler. That's what these looked like.

Kate The Great said...

End of an error, indeed.

Hey, a bunch of blogger/Dem fans are going to Tickets in Covington to watch the returns Election Night. You should come... it would be fun :)

WestEnder said...

^Yeah, that sounds cool. As Jefferson* said, the price of beer is eternal democracy.

(* That's Reggie Jefferson from down the street)

Allison Johnson said...

spotted in madeira:

Paris 2008
like, totally ready to lead

Anonymous said...
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