05 October 2008

18 and Life to Go

UC deals with the sad reality:

...the University of Cincinnati Police Department is scheduled to offer active shooter training beginning Fall Quarter.

Active shooter training will show students, faculty and staff some of the different options they have if there is a gunman on campus...

The training is set to be hands-on and participants will be able to react to simulation gunshots heard in the building or a gunman in the room. By practicing different options when gunshots are fired, you may be able to better gauge how much reaction time you have.

“The whole situation just happens so fast,” Barge said. “It used to be we would wait for SWAT, or wait for a negotiator. Columbine was over in seven minutes and Virginia Tech was over in eight. We can’t wait anymore.”

In the event of an on-campus emergency, the fire alarm system is able to make an announcement to a single building, a group of buildings or make a campus-wide announcement. Members of the UC community can also be notified through public safety e-mail alerts, text message alerts, Blackboard and through Advanced Regional Traffic Interactive Management & Information System (ARTIMIS), electronic signs on Interstates 71 and 75.

Utilizing the existing help phones on campus, UCPD is working to develop a reverse 9-1-1 system. In an emergency situation, the blue lights on help phones would turn on and students would be able to pick up the phone to hear a recorded message alerting them of the situation...

In a completely unrelated and not at all relevant story, here are NRA contributions to local members of Congress for the current election cycle:

Boehner: 3500
Chabot: 5950 (54,000 career)
Schmidt: 2000

Voinovich: 0
Brown: 0

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Realistically the odds of a college student meeting up with a gunman on campus would be a fraction of being in a car wreck but I won't hold my breath for a defensive driving class.

Still, if it helps UC get out of debt, I won't complain.