30 October 2008

Compare and Contrast

In one corner we have earth-loving peaceniks in their hybrid cars sharing bumper-sticker hugs (this one spotted at the Art Museum):

And in the other corner we have ignorant, racist fuckheads who probably couldn't find their own assholes if it weren't for the stink (do I need to add they're not at an art museum?):



Bubba, Zeke and Me said...

and you expected what? I think there will be a BIG surprise on election day/night.

In my personal opeinion and thats all it is, formed from living all over this country (and some of it in the deep south) a vote for Obama is in essence a vore for Biden sometime in the first 4 years. There are way TOO many crazies out there that are not ready for ANYBODY as president that isn't a white male.

Brian des livres said...

A vote for McCain could be a vote for Palin and that scares the crappola out of me.

The crazies, man, I don't know. There is some ingrained ignorance and fear going on here.

Mark said...

If you read about Al Smith running for president decades ago, he faced similar bs from the south (just substitute "Catholic" for "Black). Some of the country has advanced but many of these nuts are still living in 1880 and damn proud of it.

Norm De Plume said...

Vote your hopes, not your fears.