07 October 2008

Busken Cookie Presidential Poll: Obama

I saw the poll numbers posted on the wall when I stopped in last week:

Busken, during every presidential election, makes batches of iced cookies that each sport the face of one of the two candidates.

Busken Bakery’s candidate cookie poll, a local election staple since 1992, is tracking 1,996 Obama cookies sold, compared with 1,159 John McCain cookies... putting Barack Obama ahead this presidential election, by about 70 percent [63% to 37%, to be precise].

Busken has been selling the Obama/McCain cookies for about three weeks, so the poll has a way to go. But it should be watched closely.

“We’ve never been wrong,” Busken said.


5chw4r7z said...

I touched on stories like this before, there was a coffee shop in new England, you could get a cup with Obama or Clinton's face on it.
I think this says more about the purchaser than it does about the candidate, people get that mixed up for some reason.

Allison said...

that's awesome! i didn't know about this. i'm getting my candidate cookie immediately, and i plan on voting early and often for the rest of the election season.

WestEnder said...

Of course it says more about the purchaser. That is the whole idea. The purchaser is the voter. What's to mix up?

Think of it as a single vector half-randomized level 2 Cherkasov-Yamamato sampling. That's what I do.

LDP said...

And Obama just kicked McCain's ass all over the debate floor.

E Goods said...

Do they have any historical results?

liz said...

this is hilarious. where do i get my nader cookie?

Mark said...

You get Nader cookies by buying a McCain but telling yourself it's something else.

5chw4r7z said...

What I meant was, why should a bunch of people buying Obama cookies convince me he's the right candidate?

5chw4r7z said...

Why it says more about the purchaser is this, its like bumper stickers. A Republican will buy one cookie and have one sticker somewhere on the bumper if any.
The Democrat will buy a dozen cookies and have a rear bumper and rear window completely covered in Obama stickers.
The voting is slightly skewed.
Thursday on Fountain Square, just like when Obama was in town for the NAACP, people will be in costumes, and be completely covered in buttons and stickers.

This says more about the voters than the candidate, would I believe that Obama is as wacko as his supporters, no, I don't think Obama is even as wacko as McCain is.