10 June 2008

Cincinnati History Moment: Diary of Joseph J. Mersman

I'm basically on a summer blog hiatus but I'll try and post something interesting every now and then, like these excerpts from Joseph J. Mersman's diary in 1848. He worked in the whiskey business and resided at Mrs. Jenkin's boardinghouse on west Third Street.

Monday March 6th 1848
The morning dawned with a transplendant brilliancy upon "Porkopolis." every thing look gay and animated throughout the City. Business kept pace with the lively scene and Compelled me to move about the whole day in a very lively measure in order to do justice to it. The Evening allthoug beautiful I passed with the rest of the Gentleman [also staying in the boarding house] in Mrs. Howe's room, enjoying with her for the last time a Social game of Old Maid. Mrs. H starts to Morrow for Burlington, O. taking her children along. I did not go out at all. Went to bed at 11. No Expence.

Monday March 20th 1848
Last night the first Thunder Storm of this year broke loose. It was a very Serious one, and fatal to two human being. A man and his wife were struck and killed instantly while walking togather near Mill Creek. The rain Continued to pour down till 10 or 11 oclock this Morning. Commerce is decidedly dull this Morning-- only about 15 bbls Whiskey sold and now it is already 12.

The afternoon was beautifully pleasant and the ornament of Creation "Woman," contributed largely towards the beauty and joyousness of the whole [i.e. it was nice to see all the babes]. The Evening I passed with Mr. Baker. We Walked about enjoying the pure and balmy air until 9, then visited the Library rooms [Young Men's Mercantile Library Association] to look over some new french books lately received...

10 oclock I left Baker and went home... Delametre invited me to go with him to a person noted for keeping good Ale. I could not possibly refuse it-- the Ale really was excellent. it was served out in the old Scoth fashion "Pewter Tanckards." We Smok'd at home till 1/2 past 11. then retired Weary and tired. Exp 15c.

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Mark said...

Don't let Si Leis know that everything was gay back in 1848 or he'll get a time machine to change things.