26 June 2008

Things I've Seen in the Past Week

I saw a woman going for her morning walk down Linn St. wearing a hat with a small umbrella attached to the top to serve as a parasol.

I saw a UC student riding a pink bicycle on Clifton Ave.

I saw two fauns sitting in front of a tombstone at Spring Grove.

I saw a turtle in the middle of the road. My first thought was to relocate it so it doesn't get run over (which I did). My second thought was to make turtle soup (which I did not).

I saw a line of about a hundred people waiting outside the Salvation Army building downtown.


Radarman said...

Plenty of fawns in Spring Grove, but fauns? You should have called the newspapers.

WestEnder said...

Ha! Oops!

I think I'll leave it as is just for kicks.

Interestingly, I saw the same fawns (I presume) again this past weekend, this time with their mother close by.