28 May 2008

Changes Recommended to City's Recycling Contract

In a memo (# 200800438) forwarded to City Council, Bradford C. Mank, chair of the city's Environmental Advisory Council, recommends that the city's contract "be linked to the number of curbside pick-ups actually performed by the contractor."

The current contract expires at the end of this month and will automatically renewed without changes unless Council acts to change it.

"Under the current contract the City pays Rumpke a lump sum for picking up and recycling materials; Rumpke receives the same money regardless of the amount of recyclable material picked up, whether from a single household or all households in the city. The City should shift... to payment based on the number of households that actually recycle their garbage. Such a move incentivizes Rumpke to promote recycling and ensures the City's money is spent cost-effectively."

I've heard a few people complain that their recyclables aren't consistently picked up. Maybe this is the answer.

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Wes said...

Here's hoping, because we rarely get our recycling picked up when it's supposed to be.