13 June 2008

Cincinnati History Moment: Price Hill Incline

From Yesterday's Cincinnati:

The Price Hill Incline, a continuation of West Eighth Street up Price Hill, was one year old in 1875. It rose 350 feet high with a double track 800 feet long. The incline was built by William Price with funds supplied by his father, Gen. Reese Price.

Unlike most of the inclines of the era, alcohol was not served at the top, giving the hill the name Buttermilk Mountain. A number of saloons, including First Choice, Next Chance, and Last Chance, reminded travelers that they were about to scale the heights to abstemious Buttermilk Mountain.

The incline's tracks are still there and can be seen from the scenic overlook next to the Primavista restaurant.


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Manny Sarmiento said...

Watching the FYI network show about fixing up houses in the incline district, looks like an interesting neighborhood