18 February 2008

You Really CAN Get Everything on Ebay

Canadian man tries to auction his pancreas:

Meunier, who could not be reached for comment on Monday, was reportedly prompted to market his pancreas after visiting a Montreal hospital ahead of a pancreatectomy.

He balked when informed he couldn't take possession of the organ following the surgery.

...[he] is hoping to raise awareness about a glucose deficiency known as nesidioblastosis, and cash in on his rare pancreatic problem at the same time.

"I need serious help...I want to do something to cure it (nesidioblastosis) or stop it," the posting reads. "As a matter of fact, I'm so decided (sic) to help that I would be ready to place my pancreas at the disposal of serious researchers."

Learn a little more or a lot more about this workhorse gland.

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Anonymous said...

Weird Al has a song about loving his pancreas. Not one of his better ones.