03 February 2008

Super Bowl Party Guide

Chips. Dips. Beer. Same old thing. If you think 'taking it to the next level' means extra toppings on pizza, the following party tips will be of great value.

First, stop being a Weber-using loser and plunk a few grand on one of these.

Next, show your thoughtfulness by having something for the ladies. These breast-enlarging cookies should be just the thing.

Skip the pizza and take it to the next level with something that will really excite the team. Score a touchdown with cheeseburgers in a can.

And it never hurts to keep some $2 pocket shots packaged as sports drinks lying around in case the beer runs out.

Finally, do not invite Mike Brown. He doesn't care about football.

These tips will transform your party from a think tank-sponsored forum on serious issues of the day into an enthralling no-holes-barred Clinton-Obama catfight.

Patriots 26, Giants 23.

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