20 February 2008

Burger Review: Slatts Pub (Blue Ash)

Yesterday evening I went to Slatts Pub in Blue Ash. It is on Cooper Road, one block east of the Cooper-Kenwood intersection. We were in the mood for burgers and decided to try it.

Slatt's burgers: **1/2 (out of 4)


The service was good but perfunctory. People sure get jaded quickly in the food biz.

They don't have an array of specialty burgers. You can choose from a regular burger, black & bleu, bacon cheeseburger, or a "philly" burger (I forgot to ask). They also have a black bean veggie burger. We got the black & bleu and the bacon cheeseburger.

The burgers were good, but nothing special. They were cooked to order and the toppings (shredded lettuce & red onion) were fresh. The bleu cheese was decent but fell short on pungency. The cheddar was good, but I think a thicker slice would have helped. The bun was good, but nothing special. The fries were very good. The meal also came with biscuits and whipped butter which were good (but that's a lot of starch to put away in one sitting).

If you're in the area and jonesing for a burger, you'll be satisfied with Slatts. But it won't be one of the best you've had.


Anonymous said...

"People sure get jaded quickly in the food biz."

Truer words have not been written.

valereee said...

I've been wishing someone start doing burger reviews since the Cincinnati Burger Guys stopped posting last September.

I've been to Slatts often, and I'd agree their burgers are nothing special. Perfectly good, nothing wrong with them, but not worth a special trip. Now, the biscuits are another story! Those really are almost worth a trip. Slatts has very good soups, and a bowl of soup and some hot biscuits on a cold afternoon make a nice lunch.

WestEnder said...

I'm glad to hear they have good soups. I'm a soup guy and I'm often been disappointed in restaurant soups. A good bowl of soup and a quality sandwich is an underrated meal.

Anyone know what happened to the Burger Guys, anyway?

(P.S. On the subject of sandwiches, Gibbs in Findlay Mkt. sells a smoked swiss that is great with roast beef. Highly recommended)