10 December 2007

Ideas for a World-Class City, no.2

Cellphones that can read hi-tech bar codes.

The most promising way to link cellphones with physical objects is a new generation of bar codes: square-shaped mosaics of black and white boxes that can hold much more information than traditional bar codes. The cameras on cellphones scan the codes, and then the codes are translated into videos, music or text on the phone screens.

In Japan... millions of people have the capability built into their phones, and businesses, in turn, are using them all over — on billboards, street signs, published materials and even food packaging.

Read the article for more impressive examples of information that users can access instantly.

A city could use this technology to provide directions, event information, schedules, traffic updates, menus, restaurant reviews, etc. Seems like a great way to market a city and make it attractive to YPs.

(h/t Fat Knowledge)

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CityKin said...

I love this idea. I would love to have a way to pay for bus service with phone or some kind of radio tag.

5chw4r7z said...

Think how powerful it would be if we could link blog posts to these bar codes. Want to know what the locals are saying about this eatery? You're worried because its empty, usually not a good sign. No worries, the three links to it say this is a slow time of day but the food and service are good.