09 December 2007

As Close as I'll Come to a Meme

The weather outside is frightful but inside it's delightful because I've rearranged my blog links in glorious alphabetical format. Previously they were totally random.

I also discovered another local blog from where I got this meme. I won't tag anybody because that's not the way I roll, but feel free to post your own answers.

What was your first "real" job?
I was a summer day camp counselor. I had the 5th & 6th graders. My group had the two worst kids, Drew and Lucky. Lucky was one of four siblings, all of whom were named after gambling terms: Shake, Seven, Silver, and Lucky.

Where would you go if you wanted to spark your creativity?
Howcome nobody asks where people go to spark their logic? Anyway, the only creative thing I can legitimately claim is photography. So if I'm feeling creative I pick up a camera. Haven't been creative in a while, though.

Complete this sentence: I am embarrassed when...
I'm with a girl and I have to go potty.

What values did your parents instill in you?
Good: Education is important.
Bad: Judge people by their money, status, and job.

Name 3 fads from your teenage years.
The 'turned-up' collar.
Leg warmers.
The redoubtable 'Members Only' jacket.


Kate The Great said...

Hey WestEnder, thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you found my blog - because I have since found yours! Always looking for another good place to read up on our fair city... Cheers, KtG

TravisG said...

Hey, I used to know Seven and Lucky.

WestEnder said...

Seriously? That's crazy.

I don't know how they were when you knew them but they were a handful in grade school.