18 December 2007

Stuart Taylor on Extremists in Academia

Stuart Taylor, one of the best legal commenters, gave a recent speech about the "cancer" of liberal extremists in academia. It's an issue that came to the front of his mind as he followed the Duke lacrosse joke case.

This is not a "The liberals are coming! The liberals are coming!" talk radio moment. The issue is whether ideological diversity is actually achieved and what is the effect on academic quality and integrity.

A quote (lifted from Al Fin):

...Over the decades, academic extremists have taken over more and more departments, like cancers metastasizing from organ to organ. For example, the 88 Duke professors who signed a disgraceful April 2006 ad in the school paper spearheading the mob rush to judgment against falsely accused lacrosse players included 80 percent of the African-American studies faculty; 72 percent of the women's studies professors; 60 percent of the cultural anthropology department; and lots of professors in romance studies, literature, English, art, and history.

Taylor talks more about the Duke case and the rush-to-judgment bandwagon that so many were quick to jump on.

It's not a video clip; it's the entire speech which is about 1.5 hrs.

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