18 December 2007

Gustatory Recommendations

Izzy's Tongue Sandwich. I've seen it on the menu for years but like everyone else I end up with a corned beef or reuben, sometimes a Spicy Delight. But a few months ago I got the tongue. I liked it. I got it again and then a third time. It is similar to roast beef in texture and taste (after all, it is meat, not organ) so it will not freak out your taste buds. It is not "bizarre foods." It's a good sandwich, try it sometime.

Additional notes: First, Izzy's potato pancakes are greasier than they used to be (try blotting them with napkins). Second, you can buy a whole tongue from Mackie Quality Meats at Findlay Market for $4.

Wensleydale cheese. Delicious; good with beer, chardonnay, and gala apples. Recommended by Wallace & Gromit. I found it at Party Source.

Pecorino Romano cheese. I top my pasta with this instead of parmesan. It is like a stronger, more pungent parmesan. It is also about half the cost.

Burrito Pollo Picante at Javier's Mexican Restaurant. I never went to Javier's when it was on Court St. But I've been to their new location on the corner of Walnut & 8th (across the library) a few times. I've had the burrito pollo picante (spicy chicken burrito) and the fish burrito ("breaded cod burrito"), both of which I liked.

There are 3 sauces at the tables: chipotle, picante, and habanero. I don't recommend the chipotle sauce. It has that smokiness but I didn't care for the flavor. I am 99% sure that it's just Open Pit BBQ sauce. I liked the picante and habanero sauce. Yes, the habanero is hot but as long as you go easy and don't drench your burrito it's fine. I did notice that my habanero sauce was red whereas some of the tables had a green one. Don't know if there's a difference.


Anonymous said...

Next time I'll try the tongue. It should gross out the kids.

5chw4r7z said...

If Javier's stayed open later they'd be printing money in the evening. Everyone complains about their hours. But I'm sure Javier knows his clients, all I know is whenever I have a day off I head for Javier's for lunch.

LDP said...

My parents still chuckle merrily about how, when I was little, they tricked me into eating tongue by telling me it was steak. "Why?" I ask today, and "Why would anyone want to eat a tongue?"

"Not a tongue," they say. "Tongue."

I say that doesn't answer my question.

5chw4r7z said...

If it tastes just like chicken,why not just eat chicken?

That was always my question.