18 May 2007

Why Does Paul Daugherty Hate Cincinnati?

This week, local sports reporter Paul Daugherty wrote an article criticizing Reds manager Jerry Narron for the Reds lackluster season.

Firstly, I take issue with Daugherty's characterization that the Reds are losing. Winning a pennant takes time. Yes, there will be obstacles and problems along the way, but baseball is a complex game in the 21st century and many of those problems are impossible to predict, even by experts. That's why it's important to stay the course and support Jerry Narron 100%. You play baseball with the team you have, not the team you want. Calling this a losing season is accepting defeat at the hands of our enemies in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and other National League cities.

But I refuse to accept defeat. As far as I'm concerned, the Reds are winning and will be victorious in September unless naysayers like Paul Daugherty have their way. If the Reds don't win the pennant, it will be because of nattering nabobs like him who would rather see defeat than victory. Why does Paul Daugherty want the Reds to be defeated?

The answer is that he does not support the Reds players. If he supported the players, he would know not to criticize their manager. You cannot criticize the manager and say that you support the team.

And why doesn't Paul Daugherty support the team? Because he hates Cincinnati. He would rather see our enemies in St. Louis, New York, and Houston achieve victory than our beloved hometown Reds. That's why he wrote this article. He knows our enemies have internets and can read what is written in Cincinnati. They are surely emboldened by the lack of support.

I hope the Enquirer puts an end to this kind of specious anti-Cincinnati journalism. It's a slippery slope that starts with criticizing the manager and ends with the defeat (and possible destruction) of Cincinnati. If we tolerate the free expression of ideas like this, what will we allow next? Questioning religious authority? Second-guessing a sitting President? Voting for 3rd parties? When will the madness end?


Kevin LeMaster said...

LOL...hilarious post. I thought it deserved at least one reply!

WestEnder said...


(and remember to support the team throughout its victorious season)

Mark said...

Do not question Narron's surge. Only a traitor would question his surge.