22 May 2007


It's an indication of just how seriously off-kilter the GOP is that I hardly have time to point out how pathetic and incompetent the Dummocrats are. But they are, as exemplified by these two items that recently came to my attention:

First is this bit from WaPo (via the PD's Openers blog) which tells us that majority leader (ahem) Harry Reid tried to get Martin Sheen to run against Mike DeWine last year. I suppose I should feel grateful that he didn't want Charlie.

Secondly, I was forwarded an email yesterday that was written by someone at DFA. Their questionable idea:

...this Impeach Gonzales campaign is going to be a big thing for us. We will be pushing this quite a bit for the next several days... We need to really expand our reach on this one. All week, DFA members need to call in to radio shows and talk about the petition.

A petition? Wow, nothing brings Congress to its knees like a petition. I wonder if it will be as effective as all the other petitions.

And expanding our reach? This is especially funny (i.e. sad) because the email suggests calling Air America radio. I guess I don't understand how sharing your ideas with people who share your ideas is expanding your reach.

It's hard for me to decide which of these two things is more disappointing. I'm not a fan of Harry Reid, but this Martin Sheen idea is so nutty that it fails to meet even my already low expectations. That's very disappointing.

But DFA is a grassroots organization, not a group of beltway operatives detached from reality. At least that's what it's supposed to be. But I suppose when a grassroots organization is based in Washington and staffed by beltway politicos, you get the kind of ideas that come from beltway politicos. That's also very disappointing.

Allow me to offer a few other suggestions that might actually have a snowball's chance:

Email your Representative. If you can get friends and family to do the same, all the better. Impeachment is a process of Congress, not talk radio.

Write to your local newspaper. It doesn't matter whether it's a community press or large metro paper; send them something. And make sure you know how to write a LTE first.

Contact corporate media. Tell them you've heard about impeachable offenses and you want to know more about it and what is being done. All the networks have email contacts.

Call conservative talk shows. There is no point in telling people who want to impeach Gonzales why they should impeach Gonzales. Make inroads with the dittoheads, not the Deaniacs.

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