10 May 2007

Ugliest Dog, vol. 2

In yesterday's post I referred to the OH-2 GOP primary as an ugliest dog competition. But let's face it, there are a lot of ugly dogs in politics and the most offensively ugly among them are going to be Republicans.

And this fall, one of the most pitifully ugly will come to town to teach young uglies the art of projecting self-loathing.


ohdave said...

Hey did you see the real ugliest dog competition last night on Animal Planet?

It was either that or the pitiful Reds. I'd rather watch ugly dogs at this point.

WestEnder said...

I didn't see either in its entirety but I saw enough to learn not to put myself through it for a while. Damn, that was ugly. The dog, too.

Did you see the George Foster retrospective? He was my favorite player when I was a kid. I have an autographed picture and the caption reads, "What you are is God's gift to you. What you do with what you are is your gift to God."

I always liked that.

ohdave said...

Mine was Concepcion. Still love him.

Did you see my Mike McConnell post?

WestEnder said...

I read the post, but let's face it, catching stupidity on WLW is easier than boning Paris Hilton.

Concepcion is sort of on the fence Hall of Fame-wise. Foster said he thinks Concepcion's stats are on par with others who made the hall and so he should get in.