24 May 2011

Final Note for BagPipes?

The Business Courier is reporting that BagPipes Irish Pub has not paid it's rent and is about to be evicted. It also reports that its employees (numbering around 40, according to an earlier article) have not been paid, either.

It's always sad to see a downtown business bite the dust. However, based on the Urbanspoon and Yelp reviews, BagPipes seems to have had some serious management, staff and food issues that it never overcame. And there's also the curse of 7th & Race, if you believe in that sort of thing. I think I'm starting to.

I never made it to BagPipes so I can't offer my own experience, but I think these excerpts from Yelp and Urbanspoon basically tell the sad story:

If you enjoy the kind of lunch or dinner experience where you hardly see your server, overpay for mediocre and inconsistently cooked food, and get to watch the head chefs drinking shots or playing Golden Tee instead of making sure food is getting to the tables hot, then you'll love BagPipes.

Bagpipes advertises 27 beers on top and a wide selection of bottles. That would be great if the beer was actually stocked.

This maybe a great bar but they need to revisit their food strategy because at this rate, they will lucky to make through summer. If you are looking for decent food - save your time and money.

There was an odd pinball machine in the far corner being played by the chef and other kitchen help... I hope they washed their hands every time they re-entered the kitchen... The food we did select was mediocre at best. The bathrooms were dirty, as was the floor in the main dining area. Overall, this place will probably only remain open for another month before closing due to poor management, staffing and overall quality.

...the service was terrible. It took 15 minutes just to get our drinks and every drink order after that took just as long... The meatloaf my friend ordered was overcooked and my fish and chips were disgusting.

We ordered the corned beef flatbread appetizer, that should have never left the kitchen... The potato pancakes (3 small, flavorless & greasy for $3) should have been sent back. Oh, and how could I forget the live entertainment, Matt Snow, gave me nothing but a headache. I am still wondering why an Irish bar had a guy singing Sinatra. I am pretty sure a year from now this palce will be closed.

I hope something else opens up at this corner soon but more than that I hope the next person knows what the fuck they're doing so they get it right. This is getting ridiculous.


Quimbob said...

I am pretty sure that location is cursed. Maybe the Windbag can fix it and it can be nice and profitable.

WestEnder said...

Well if demons are the problem, he's the solution.