08 May 2011

Afternoon Stroll on Stilts?

I saw this guy crossing Monmouth St. I think he entertains the kids at the Levee. If that's a different guy then they both have the same pants, which I suppose is possible since there probably are not that many pant designs made for this getup. But I'm sure it's the same guy. He was going back to his car which was parked surprisingly far from the Levee considering he has to walk around on stilts.

Seeing this guy reminded me of a softball teammate. We have an ongoing discussion about whether he is fast or not. On one hand, his legs move slowly, probably slower than anyone else on the team. On the other hand, he is 6'6" so his strides are so long that he covers twice as much ground as anyone else. So is he fast or not? And why do we keep losing?

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SkyTitles.com said...

Yes, the guy looks so funny using that pants like a clown, I guess.