26 October 2010

Then and Now II

If I recall my local history correctly, prosperous merchant Joseph Carew was passing through town sometime in the late 19th century and missed his train to Memphis where he was going to scout locations for a new store. With time to spare, he and his business partner walked around Cincinnati. Impressed with the city and its potential, Carew suggested they establish the new store in Cincinnati instead of Memphis, and they did. The Mabley & Carew department store stood on the corner of 5th & Vine until it was demolished to build the skyscraper, which was then named Carew Tower.

It was roughly half a century between the department store and the Tower. I wonder what this block will look like in another few decades. Will the CAC be torn down to make way for a Cadillac Ranch Tower?? Or vice versa?? Who will win the battle of art vs. consumerism in 2050?

Of course, in a perfect world the two would merge into THE SHEPARD FAIREY CADILLAC RANCH CONTEMPORARY ART TOWER. Wait for it.

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