18 October 2010

Representation without Medication

Every now and then someone finds this blog via the search term "Sandra Queen Noble" which leads them to this old post from 2005.

Lately that post has gotten scores of hits and I couldn't help wonder why. Turns out Ms. Noble (who still has a few screws loose) has taken her dreams of elected office to Washington, D.C.

I still remember her appearance on Dan Hurley's Newsmakers. It's gotta be tough to have a political confab with someone who has obvious mental health issues and Hurley did a commendable job in a bizarre situation.

Still, I have to agree with the article's conclusion: It’s not likely that Del. Norton will debate Queen Noble, but don’t you wish she would?


Michelle said...

It's fun finding out what search terms lead people to read your blog. I posted a black and white photo of myself in jeans about several years ago. I titled the post "black and white booty". I didn't even give it a thought but apparently there are a LOT of people looking for white girls who have big booties and like black men. Who knew? Not me.

WestEnder said...

Haha! This is all the more hilarious because I know a white girl with a big booty who loves black men. I'll pass this on to her.