09 September 2010

Council Item of the Week

Local citizen wants answers about City Hall's "green Al Gore roof:"


Charles Winburn
Cincinnati Council Member

Hi Charlie; I’m back, now that you are on council.
I have looked at the green Load on the Roof.
I would request a proper statement as to the existing Load __?__ Potential storm winter Load __?__
then normal rain, snow, ice load
then a Load that the roof would Hold as to rain, ice, snow cumulative as to the weather we occasionally have once or twice a year?

Then for how much is the roof insured for now, as it was never intended to be a green al Gore roof?
and who would be injured if a collapse occurred?
Then would firefighters be in danger..
and what happened to the crops it bore this season?


Senior citizen who will not afford to park in city
but do attend price Hill civic club and
park free. age 80


Mark said...

I'd like a funky Al Green "Call Me" roof.

WestEnder said...

Last week I saw a house with a weird Al Yankovic roof.

Wes said...

If you drive around, you might find some Al Schottlekotte roofs still hanging around the West Side.