04 August 2009

Lights, Camera, Ass Whoopin'

Trying out Segways at the Vine-L festival last Friday

Lighting design elicits contemplation

A couple making out in the middle of Central Parkway?

Passing cars and bicyclists yell at them to get off the street

Apparently, one imbalanced homeless woman is beating up another imbalanced homeless woman. This shot was taken right after woman #1 took off woman #2's shoes and threw them across the street.


Mark said...

What was the guy with the cap doing? Watching or trying to break it up?

WestEnder said...

He was watching. There were 3 other homeless men also watching. I hoped that standing 10 ft. away and taking pics would get them off the street but it didn't. I put the camera away and talked them off the street.

The pic makes it seem like they were really going at it but in reality they had hardly any energy and were moving almost in slo-mo. It was like two really tired really drunk women. Neither was seriously hurt.

Nevertheless, it was an absurd visage and the cherry on top of my Vine-L festival night sundae.

Anonymous said...

They look perfectly well balanced to me! Yummy! Let me know when the NSFW pics go up!

Anonymous said...

Hobo fight!!!

WestEnder said...

You're back!