01 August 2009

The Dangers of Findlay Market Explored

The kid riding his bike knows all too well the dangers of Findlay Market which is why he won't go near it without his football pads. And the family crossing the street was tragically beaten to death with rolled-up StreetVibes newspapers (now published biweekly).

Is there a surer sign of danger than the presence of Michael Jackson fans?

The pair in front is wisely keeping its distance from local blackberries.

This is a fur-covered beast of some kind. I saw several of them. They seem to attract children, perhaps in order to eat them. I advise extreme caution.

This shocking sideways (oops) video which was taken at great risk illustrates the dangers are not just on land but also in the water.

Thanks to my familiarity with inner city danger, I quickly recognized the risks of Sno-Kones and demon music and was able to walk away in time.

One of the ever present threats at Findlay Market is running into someone you know. Here we see Kate putting on a brave face in one such circumstance. I was completely helpless.


Wolfie said...


Obviously a slam at my comment last week.

Next time take your camera and walk there from Fountain Square and take picyutres and make sure you walk through Washington Park.

WestEnder said...

Bit of a slam but not totally... as I remarked to a friend, to your credit you are willing to give the Market a chance. This is more a slam to those who won't give the Market/OTR a fair chance because they make conclusions based on personal bias rather than personal experience.

Re: Washington Park... to be honest, I've actually wanted to do just that. Time is running out since the park is slated to be renovated by 3CDC, so it will become yet another example of revitalized OTR areas.

But along those lines, you'll get a kick out of the pics I'll post in the next day or two...

Norm De Plume said...

As a matter of fact, Wolfie, my wife, infant son, and I walked past Washington Park on our way from 12th and Republic to Findlay Market on Saturday. We made it through unscathed, learning in the process the following fun fact: idle people, even idle people of races different from mine, are not necessarily grave threats to my safety, even at the dangerous hour of one in the afternoon.

I think I did see some crime on Race Street a few blocks later, though. A kid-filled church carnival of some kind had broken out, and I doubt they were paying ASCAP for the fun music playing through the sound system.

Also, I ate a freshly grilled vidalia onion sausage at Findlay, which was dangerously delicious.

WestEnder said...

Apparently the most dangerous thing about OTR in the daytime is the smart assery.

5chw4r7z said...

Those flowers look alot like the ones sitting in my kitchen now.
Can't believe Kate risked her life to do something nice for us.

But it is hard to walk through Findlay market without running into and talking to people you know. Or striking up conversations with new people.
Makes it challenging when you're in a hurry to rush in and out of the place.
Which brings up another good point. Findlay isn't really about rushing in and out is it? Thats what the 7/11 is for.

CityKin said...

"Findlay isn't really about rushing in and out is it? Thats what the 7/11 is for."

-love it.

BTW, I've posted some photos of kids playing in Washington Park on my blog from time to time.

WestEnder said...

Yep... I've seen those pics. Even referred a friend to them. She's afraid of Washington Park and won't walk her dog there. She couldn't believe that kids play there. I basically told her "it's YOUR park, use it!"