19 November 2008

Some Truth in all Things?

I was talking with a friend one day back in college and he mentioned that he recently made one of his regular visits to a fortune teller acquaintance. I laughed because he was a fellow philosophy major and seeking easy answers is basically a code violation.

"There's truth in all things." he said.
"Truth in all things?" I chuckled.
"Some truth in all things," he clarified.

Years later a friend and I went to the Bonbonerie tea room for breakfast one morning (note to men: this is a good spot for ladies in touch with their Martha Stewart side and men who want dessert but want to call it "breakfast").

A palm reader had set up at one of the tables. I was easily convinced to get a reading. She didn't say anything that blew my mind but she did impress us with a few insightful comments about my interests and abilities. I impressed her by saying that I once read it is proper procedure to read the right hand for men and the left hand for women.

I don't believe the palm reader is there anymore but those seeking just a little bit of truth and certainly not much more than "some" can go across the street from Vinyl to Aquarius Star where you can pay $20 for what I am predicting would be the least satisfying quickie ever.


mandy jeanne said...

you know- just putting this out there- the victory of light convention is going on this weekend in sharonville. you should get your aura read.

Kate The Great said...

That's a riot... I am toying with the idea of getting something along the lines of a palm reading/tarot reading etc. for my birthday... in a week and a half.

Not a good idea? ;)

WestEnder said...

You deserve more than a quickie for your birthday!

Kate The Great said...

Ha ha :) I've been known to make the most of a brief, magical encounter.